Sunday – Your First Day at Camp

An important step for a successful stay at camp is the first day. Units are encouraged to arrive as a unit.  Meeting your Camp Commissioner and guide as soon as possible will be very helpful.  A typical first day is outlined below.

  • Upon Arrival: Leaders and Scouts arriving by private transportation will check in at the Welcome Center (building after Stop sign).  You will then proceed to meet your Staff guide.  Your guide will assist you with settling in to your campsite.  Units arriving by council bus will meet their guide upon arrival and will then proceed directly to their campsite.  Adult Leaders with Scouts on the bus must arrive before the bus but not before 1PM.  Provisional Campers need to check in at the Welcome Center, and will be directed from there.
  • 1PM-5PM          At the campsite, your guide will advise you of meal times, the weekly schedule and other important information.  The guide will then lead the unit to the waterfront for medication turn-in, medical rechecks, and swim checks.  Make sure a copy of BSA Health form is on file for each person (never take the family’s “original”).  A three-ring binder for health forms is recommended.
  • 5:50PM              Retreat.  All Scouts must be in full uniform.  All Units will assemble at the camp flagpole for the retiring of the colors.  All waiters (two for every 10 Scouts) will report to the dining hall at 5:30. Dining Hall only for meals.
  • 6:00PM              After the retreat ceremony, the Units will proceed directly to the dining hall for dinner.
  • 7:00PM              Leaders’ Meeting:  Unit leaders and Senior Patrol Leaders will attend this informal meeting outside the Dining Hall, to discuss the week with key staff members.
  • 7:00PM              Cook’s Tour:  This is the Unit’s first real look at the camp.  Tours are made of the program areas where program and safety rules are discussed.  It’s important that everyone attend this tour (except for the Leaders attending the Leader’s Orientation.  Unit Leaders will attend this informal meeting outside the Dining Hall.)
  • 8:45PM              Campfire.  This will be followed by quick messages and an opportunity to visit the Trading Post.
  • 10:00PM            Lights Out
  • Monday 7AM   Registration for trail rides can only be done at the Welcome Center (main office)

NOTE:  Rafting and other (in-camp) high adventure activities, Horsemanship, and Animal Science sign-up should have been done through the “MyKaJaWan” form.  Any Scouts who missed signing up through the form must do so by attending the desired merit badge session on Monday.

Typical Daily Schedule – Tentative

(Final East and West Camp Schedules Provided Before Camp Begins)PicturedRocks2

  • 7:50AM             Flag Raising
  • 8:00AM             Breakfast (followed by Mug Club for Adult Leaders)
  • 9-11AM             Merit badge instruction (block A or B); some program area activities open
  • 11AM-12PM     Open Merit Badge and Program Areas
  • 12:30PM           Lunch
  • 1-2PM                Siesta (Scouts in campsite)
  • 2-4PM                Afternoon Program: Merit badge instruction (block C or D); some program area activities open
  • 4-5PM                Open Merit Badge and Program Areas
  • 5:50PM              Retreat (flag lowering)
  • 6:00PM              Dinner
  • 7-8PM                Evening program—a good time for troop and patrol activities all around camp
  • 9:00PM              Night hikes, astronomy, campfires, and other evening activities
  • 10:00PM           ALL UNITS MUST BE IN THEIR CAMPSITES – Please be considerate of units near you!

SUNDAY DINNER is the first opportunity to get everyone together, so patrol cooking is not an option.

WEST CAMP – Tuesday Night Cookout – The West Camp Staff gets Tuesday night off, so Troop Leaders host a “Cookout” at the West Camp Dining Hall.  Patrol Cooking is not an option in West Camp for this meal.

BOTH CAMPS – Wednesday Night is the Scoutmaster Cookout.  Patrol Cooking is not an option in either camp.

EAST CAMP – Thursday Night Cookout – The East Camp Staff gets Thursday night off, so Troop Leaders host a “Cookout” at the East Camp Dining Hall.  Patrol Cooking is not an option in East Camp for this meal.

SATURDAY BREAKFAST is our last meal together, when final reminders and announcements are made. Patrol Cooking is not an option in either camp.  If your Troop is in camp, we will expect you in the dining hall, so please let the camp staff know (early in the week) if your unit plans to leave before then.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.