Needs LisT for 2015

Contact Quinn Ryan at the Council Office if you think you can help with any of the below items: Quinn.Ryan@scouting.org. Our High Adventure program as has a unique needs list.

Description of Item Quantity Needed
diving masks 12
ecology-conservation books/posters/DVDs ANY
fishing poles w/reels (Zebco 202 preferred); light fishing tackle ANY
fly-fishing equipment (esp. rods reels flies and fly-tying material ANY
canvas tarps (BSA dining flies and/or trail tarps; others fine too) ANY
rubber cement 6 bottles
Helmets for rafting—Bicycle helmets work great 60
shop rags ANY
metal die stamps (for stamping metal) ANY
toothbrushes (for shooting sports gun cleaning) 24
Remington oil (for gun cleaning) 1 case
gun scrubber (in aerosol can) 6 large cans
20 gauge bore snake 2
22 caliber bore snake 4
safety glasses and ear protection (especially youth models) ANY
lens cleaner 6 bottles
28-30 inch arrows (fiberglass preferred) 144
Knot-tying rope (low memory/high flexibility) ¼ inch thick 600'
band-aids (especially latex-free)–standard sizes preferred ANY
field guides–especially for trees/mammals/birds/reptiles/amphibians ANY
bandanas neckerchiefs or cravats–for first aid practice ANY
magnifying sheets (Fresnel lens) (large surface and at least 6x power) 8
block and tackle (with or without rope–should be rated 750# or more) 4
come-along winch 2
push brooms (wider is better) 10
Laptop computers – Used and in good condition 6
Glucometer strips ANY
junior epi-pens 2
double antibiotic cream 3 tubes
1% hydrocortisone cream 2 tubes
Benadryl – liquid ( or generic antihistamine) 3 bottles
latex-free gloves in medium and large sizes ANY
1" X 3" bandages 500
3" elastic bandages 12
4" elastic bandages 12
window-mounted AC unit (must be modern and energy-efficient) 2
visual aids for Animal Science (biology posters for example) ANY
saddle pads 10
girths for horses 4
horse bridles 4
horse halters 2
saddles 4
traffic cones (3 foot) 6
Plastic snow sleds for use at the Black Hole Any
gore-tex aprons 6
3' X 5' U.S. flag (nylon preferred) 12
volleyball 4
volleyball net (high quality preferred without breaks or tears) 2
frisbees 12
fire gloves 10 pr.
leather gloves (for belaying at the climbing wall) 6 pr.
star charts (appropriate to summer in Northern Wisconsin) 6
backpacking cooking equipment (lightweight aluminum pots/pans/utensils) any
GPS units (durable grade preferred–does not require many extras) 8
backpacking water filters (quality units with replacement filters) 6
18" X 24" sheets of 28 gauge metal 300
leather scraps (any kind any size–leather items taken as well) any
sketching paper (for Art merit badge) any
paints for Art merit badge–tempera/watercolor/acrylic any
archery bows suitable for cub scouts (must be capable of sustained use) 16
shooting sports targets (master provided–printing service needed) 20000
steel wool (0000 grade) 8 packages
6 volt batteries 6
BSA utensil kits 6
plastic Rubbermaid tubs for high adventure food storage any
wagon wheels (large enough for an "authentic" chuck-wagon) 4
large softballs 4
Duluth sacks (for High Adventure canoeing treks) 4
SealLine Boundary packs (High Adventure) 4
high quality barometer 2
large projector screen (for East Dining Hall Movie Night) 1
strike-anywhere matches 50 boxes
metal shears 6
leather shears (high quality scissors capable of cutting leather will do) 8
dry erase supplies (markers and boards especially) any
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