Needs LisT for 2015

Contact Quinn Ryan at the Council Office if you think you can help with any of the below items: Our High Adventure program as has a unique needs list.


Description of Item, Quantity Needed

diving masks, 12

ecology-conservation books/posters/DVDs, ANY

fishing poles w/reels (Zebco 202 preferred); light fishing tackle, ANY

fly-fishing equipment (esp. rods reels flies and fly-tying material, ANY

canvas tarps (BSA dining flies and/or trail tarps; others fine too), ANY

rubber cement, 6 bottles

Helmets for rafting—Bicycle helmets work great, 60

shop rags, ANY

WD 40, ANY

metal die stamps (for stamping metal), ANY
toothbrushes (for shooting sports gun cleaning), 24

Remington oil (for gun cleaning), 1 case

gun scrubber (in aerosol can), 6 large cans

20 gauge bore snake, 2

22 caliber bore snake, 4

safety glasses and ear protection (especially youth models), ANY

lens cleaner, 6 bottles

28-30 inch arrows (fiberglass preferred), 144

Knot-tying rope (low memory/high flexibility), ¼ inch thick 600′

band-aids (especially latex-free)–standard sizes preferred, ANY

field guides–especially for trees/mammals/birds/reptiles/amphibians, ANY

bandanas neckerchiefs or cravats–for first aid practice, ANY

magnifying sheets (Fresnel lens) (large surface and at least 6x power), 8

block and tackle (with or without rope–should be rated 750# or more), 4

come-along winch, 2

push brooms (wider is better), 10

Laptop computers – Used and in good condition, 6

Glucometer strips, ANY

junior epi-pens, 2

double antibiotic cream, 3 tubes

1% hydrocortisone cream, 2 tubes

Benadryl – liquid ( or generic antihistamine), 3 bottles

latex-free gloves in medium and large sizes, ANY

1″ X 3″ bandages, 500

3″ elastic bandages, 12

4″ elastic bandages, 12

window-mounted AC unit (must be modern and energy-efficient), 2

visual aids for Animal Science (biology posters for example), ANY

saddle pads, 10

girths for horses, 4

horse bridles, 4

horse halters, 2

saddles, 4

traffic cones (3 foot), 6

Plastic snow sleds for use at the Black Hole, Any

gore-tex aprons, 6

3′ X 5′ U.S. flag (nylon preferred), 12

volleyball, 4

volleyball net (high quality preferred without breaks or tears), 2

frisbees, 12

fire gloves, 10 pr.

leather gloves (for belaying at the climbing wall), 6 pr.

star charts (appropriate to summer in Northern Wisconsin), 6

backpacking cooking equipment (lightweight aluminum pots/pans/utensils), any

GPS units (durable grade preferred–does not require many extras), 8

backpacking water filters (quality units with replacement filters), 6

18″ X 24″ sheets of 28 gauge metal, 300

leather scraps (any kind any size–leather items taken as well), any

sketching paper (for Art merit badge) any

paints for Art merit badge–tempera/watercolor/acrylic, any

archery bows suitable for cub scouts (must be capable of sustained use), 16

shooting sports targets (master provided–printing service needed), 20000

steel wool (0000 grade), 8 packages

6 volt batteries, 6

BSA utensil kits, 6

plastic Rubbermaid tubs for high adventure food storage, any

wagon wheels (large enough for an “authentic” chuck-wagon), 4

large softballs, 4

Duluth sacks (for High Adventure canoeing treks), 4

SealLine Boundary packs (High Adventure), 4

high quality barometer, 2

large projector screen (for East Dining Hall Movie Night), 1

strike-anywhere matches, 50 boxes

metal shears, 6

leather shears (high quality scissors capable of cutting leather will do), 8

dry erase supplies (markers and boards especially), any