This year, we’re again excited to offer our Ma-Ka-Ja-Box care packages. Rather than going through the hassle of buying goodies, assembling a box, and making sure it gets mailed in time to reach your scout at camp, let us do the hard work for you!

Ordering a Ma-Ka-Ja-Box takes 5 minutes online, and we’ll make sure it’s delivered on the first Tuesday of your scout’s stay at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan. You can even add a personalized message!

As with all Trading Post purchases, profits from Ma-Ka-Ja-Boxes directly support the programs and facilities of Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan. Not only are you saving yourself time, you’re also helping out our camp!

Boxes cost $29. There are two options: Healthy and Classic (both cost the same):


  • Week 1: Closed
  • Week 2: Closed
  • Week 3: Closed
  • Week 4: Closed
  • Week 5: Closed
  • Week 6: Closed

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In addition to the items pictured above (which includes a postcard and stamp so scouts can write home), we’re including a trash bag, a few souvenir trinkets, and a reminder not to store food in tents (most troops have a system for storing personal snack items overnight). Each box also comes with a $2 Trading Post gift certificate (unfortunately, this cannot be spent on program tickets). As always, we do reserve the right to substitute items in case something runs out of stock.

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Additional Information

On Tuesday of each week, individually-labelled “Care Package Cards” will be delivered with each Troop’s mail. When your scout receives the card, he can turn it in at the Trading Post anytime to receive his care package. This change was made last year based on feedback from both parents and scoutmasters.

We are not including any nut products in the boxes. However, many pre-packaged products contains traces of nuts. If the recipient of your box has an allergy, we strongly advise them to check labels carefully, or consider sending a “homemade” care package.

Have any questions? Please contact the Trading Post at

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