All scouts, leaders, Family Camp renters and visitors must have a completed Medical Form in their possession on arrival at camp.  Failure to present a valid health form will prevent participation in any activity on the reservation – this includes Order of the Arrow activities.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

Anyone riding the Council Bus to camp is required to have their annual health form in their possession prior to bus loading (this should be an extra copy – at least 2 go to unit’s Camp Coordinator and/or health form collector).

The Form

For all scouts and adults attending one of our summer camp programs, the BSA Annual Health Form-Parts A-B-C must be completed and signed every 365 days, by a parent/legal guardian (if under 18) and a physician. Make several copies once you get your form completed:

  • Families should keep the completed original copy (with physician’s information) for their own records.
  • Units should receive at least one copy of the form, to be placed in a 3-ring binder for events throughout the year.
  • Units should also have another copy as a backup.

This form is available on the BSA Web Site.

Can I use another medical exam, such as a school sports exam, and attach it to the Annual Health and Medical Record?
No. We have designed the Annual Health and Medical Record to address the risks in Scouting. We would encourage participants who need both types of exams to complete them at the same time.

Parts A, B, and C

Unless you’re a visitor staying overnight for less than 72 consecutive hours, everyone must have Parts A, B, and C of the medical form completed. While Parts A and B can be filled out in a few minutes, Part C requires by physical examination by a doctor.

Regarding anyone with serious health conditions: Even if you are staying overnight for less than 72 hours, we highly recommend you bring a completed physical (Part C), so we have vital information, if needed.

Medical Recheck

A medical recheck will be performed shortly after arrival at camp.  Please have your health form ready.  After the medical recheck, the medical staff will retain the health forms.  Unit leaders are strongly encouraged to retain at least one additional copy of each health form while at camp, for the unit’s records.

Unit Insurance

CLICK HERE to be taken to the National BSA website’s page about Insurance Coverage for your Unit.  Bottom line:  All units registered with the BSA are covered by the same insurance, so we do not need a certificate of insurance (proof of insurance) from in-council or out-of-council Units. Contact them directly if you have any questions.

Individual Insurance

The following insurance information must be attached to the completed BSA Annual Health Form for each participant attending (A legible copy of the insurance card):

  1. Year round policy provider’s company name.
  2. Policy number.

No exceptions to these policies are possible.


If you have any questions about medical policies, please contact our Health Officer at (new email).