Be Prepared! The scout motto reminds us that in order to have a great time at camp, you have to get a few things ready first. Luckily, the staff of Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan and our web site are full of answers to your questions about things you have to do before camp.

For Prospective Troops/Units

If you’re considering attending Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan in 2016, we’re offering free day passes to show you what our camp has to offer. Check out more information here. You get to spend a day touring with our staff and experiencing the many program offerings, including aquatics, the zip line, and our expanded shooting ranges.

Signing Up for Camp

So, you’re troop wants to attend Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan? Well, we’re happy to have you! Learn more about our sign up process here, and boost your camp attendance (plus get everyone excited) by hosting a camp promotion meeting. We know that paying for camp is also an important part of the sign-up process, so we have some detailed information on our costs and fees.

Getting Ready

Are you a troop leader? Check out our Leader’s Guide. Or maybe you’re a parent? Take a look through our Parent’s Guide.

Check out the additional resources we have in this section of the site: