While you are at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation, there is always something going on, so it is important to know what a typical day looks like. Here is a brief description of what a day in the life of a scout will look like. For a more detailed description, view our 2017 MSR Typical Daily Schedule.


7:50 AM Flag Raising

8:00 AM Breakfast (followed by Mug Club for Adult Leaders)

9 – 11 AM Merit badge instruction (Block A M/W/F & Block B T/Th) , some program area activities open.

11 AM – 12 PM Open Program


12:30 PM Lunch

1 – 2 PM Siesta

2 – 4 PM Afternoon program:  Merit badge instruction (Hour 1, 2, & 3 M-F), some program area activities open

4 – 5 PM Open Program


5:50 PM Retreat (flag lowering)

6:00 PM Dinner

7 – 8 PM Evening program—a good time for troop and patrol activities all around camp

9:00 PM Night hikes, astronomy, campfires, and other evening activities

10:00 PM All units should be in their campsites – Please be considerate of units near you!

Typical Week Schedules

To see what a full week at camp looks like, check out our typical week schedule. Please note that for higher attendance weeks we will be using the Shift Eating Schedule. Your respective camp director will inform you and your troop upon arrive if there is Shift Eating.

2017 Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan-Typical Week

2017 Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Typical Week-Shift Eating