The Northeast Illinois Council has been blessed with many Scouters, volunteers, and families who understand and appreciate the summer camp programs offered at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation.

These wonderful people know that we live in a time when finances can be greatly stretched, and it can be difficult to pay the summer camp fees (especially for families with more than one Scout). And they are aware that sudden financial hardships occur that could prohibit a Scout from attending one of these programs.  Thanks to them, we now have three different scholarships for Scouts (from all councils) to choose from (one per Scout)!  Contact Debi before registering Scout who is completing the Richard W. Snorf Family or Chris Alonzi Memorial Scholarship.


Chris Alonzi Memorial Camp Scholarship:  CLICK HERE.  This scholarship will pay up to 100% of the Scout’s camping fees.  See the form for details.  Up to 4 awarded per year.

Richard W. Snorf Family Scholarship:  CLICK HERE.  This scholarship will pay up to 75% of the Scout’s camping fees.  See the form for details.  Up to 4 awarded per year.

Boy Scout and Venture Crew Scholarship Application:  CLICK HERE.  This scholarship will pay up to 50% of the Scout’s camping fees.  See the form for details.  Not unlimited – dependent upon scholarship fund balance.


  • Registered member of your participating unit before we can accept the application.
  • Active within the Unit

NOTE:  To help defray the cost of camp, we encourage Scouts to earn money through fundraising whenever possible.


  • We will help cover a Scout’s Traditional (or Provisional) Camp Fee, NEIC NYLT, or High Adventure Trek Fee
  • We will NOT cover:  Transportation, In-camp High Adventure (“daytime” rafting trips, trail rides), or other camp related fees.

DEADLINE: The completed application must be in our office by April 15th, or we cannot guarantee acceptance or approval.  Contact Debi if the Scout joined this Troop or Crew after April 15th, or if you missed this deadline for other valid reasons.

NEIC NYLT-EARLIER DEADLINE:  Because of NYLT’s April 15th registration deadline, Northeast Illinois Council NYLT scholarship applications must be received at our council office by April 3rd.  Fax or email it to Debi.  Email the NYLT coordinator about its submission, if you need an extension, or for NYLT registration/payment instructions (contact info is on the NYLT Form).  The awarded scholarship amount will be forwarded to the NYLT coordinator.

NOTIFICATION:  We will notify the Parent and Adult Leader of the awarded scholarship amount by May 1st.  The Scout must be registered (online, or with NYLT coordinator) with at least the non-refundable deposit being paid by then.  Delay of registration with paid deposit risks cancelation of a scholarship by our council.

IMPORTANT:  If you are requesting financial assistance for 2 weeks of/events at camp, you must complete a separate application for each (they are separate registrations).  You may receive less than requested for at least 1 of the weeks/events.  Families with multiple Scouts who need financial assistance for a council summer camp, must complete 1 form for each Scout.

LATE FEES:  Late fees will not be waived for NYLT, as per the event coordinator.  Late fees will be waived for Provisional or Traditional Camp if the Scout is registered online by May 15th, so pay the Troop or Crew the appropriate deposit by their deadline (or by May 1st, whichever is earlier).  This gives them time to get the payment to our office.

Return Completed Applications To:

Address: Northeast Illinois Council, 2745 Skokie Valley Road, Highland Park, IL  60035

Email Debi if you have questions, or send form to, or

Fax:  847-433-2036 – The fax machine is right by Debi’s desk, so she will get the form quickly.