PROVISIONAL CAMP  at ma-ka-ja-wan scout reservation


  • January 2:  Registration opens.  You can choose to pay the $125 per Scout or $0 per Adult deposit, for each week.
  • May 15 (11:59PM):  $335 Early Bird Fee ends and $350 “Scout” Fee begins, so get them registered online by then.  Registration closed to create invoices for each week’s “contingents”.
  • May 16 (5PM):  Registration will be re-opened; full amount must be paid for new registrants (scouts and adults)
  • June 12 (11:59PM), instead of the 5th:  NEW – Registration closes for all 6 weeks of camp
  • June 15 (11:59PM), instead of the 5th:  May Invoice payments due for all 6 weeks of camp


  • New or Transfer Scout A Scout who joined your Troop or Crew in 2017 (includes Webelos Crossovers) will stay at the early bird fee, but still must be registered online by June 5th.
  • Scout  A Scout who has been a member of your Boy Scout Troop or Crew since 2016, or earlier.

NEW – Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation will now provide a provisional “camp unit” for all 6 weeks of the Traditional Camp Program.  Scouts no longer need to find a unit to “host” them during Weeks 1, 3, or 5!  See below for Registration Links.

What is Provisional Camp?  Each week of “traditional” camp, we will have a “camp unit”, where we provide the adult leadership.  Scouts who are unable to attend with their own Troop or Crew can register as a “provisional” (temporary) member of this camp unit, to participate in the exact same summer camp program (they will still provide their own unit information when registering).

Do “provisional” and “traditional” Scouts receive the same program?  YES!  The program, opportunities, fees, and deadlines are exactly the same.

What is different about Provisional Camp?

  • Registrations must be completed by individual families, not the Troop.
  • Families can now register online …no more paper form!
  • Scouts can attend for any week of summer camp
  • We provide the camp unit’s adult leadership each week

Scout’s Troop or Crew Information (required)

  • Is he in a Troop or Crew?
  • What is his “Unit Number”?
  • What is his “charter organization’s” city & state?
  • What is his “council”? Northeast Illinois, Three Harbors, Three Fires, Pathway to Adventure, or…?

Please make sure they have this information.  Why?  The charter city might be different than where they live.  Also, we don’t want families confusing their district name with a council name (Potawatomi, for instance).


  • The Scout must be a registered member of the B.S.A.
  • The Scout must have a current BSA Annual Health Form (with Part C-physical)

PROVISIONAL CAMP REGISTRATION LINKS (take you to the council website to register)