Traditional Camping at Ma-Ka-Ka-Wan Scout Reservation

Coordinating payments and finances for a trip to summer camp can be a challenging job, but the Northeast Illinois Council and        Ma-Ka-JaWan Camp Staff strive to make it as easy and painless as possible for everyone. Here’s what you need to know:

For Scouts, Parents, and Unit Leaders

  • Most Troops and Crews have a “summer camp contact” for Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan.  Contact them, to find out what your Unit’s payment deadlines are.  They will be earlier than the “council” deadlines listed.  Contact your Scoutmaster or Crew Advisor if you do not know your “camp contact” information.
  • You will submit all payments to your Unit (only exception is Provisional Camp), and they’ll settle up with us.
  • Your Unit’s “camp contact” will complete the online registration for your Unit’s week(s) of Traditional Camp.
  • The online registration for 2017 Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation (MSR) Traditional Camp opens January 2, 2017.
  • These are our Council deadlines listed below. Your troop or crew’s deadlines will (need to) be earlier.


  • January 2:  Registration opens.  You can choose to pay the $125 per Scout or $0 per Adult deposit, for each week.
  • May 15 (11:59PM):  $335 Early Bird Fee ends and $350 “Scout” Fee begins, so get them registered online by then.  Registration closed to create invoices for each week’s “contingents”.
  • May 16 (5PM):  Registration will be re-opened; full amount must be paid for new registrants (scouts and adults)
  • June 5 (11:59PM):  NEW – Registration closes for all 6 weeks of camp; invoice payment due


  • New or Transfer Scout A Scout who joined your Troop or Crew in 2017 (includes Webelos Crossovers) will stay at the early bird fee, but still must be registered online by June 5th.
  • Scout  A Scout who has been a member of your Boy Scout Troop or Crew since 2016, or earlier.

FULL-TIME ADULTS:  TWO REGISTRANT TYPES.  See ratio information below.

  • Free Adult – $0 per week
  • Adult – $180 per week
  • YOU choose Adult or Free Adult, based on how many scouts are registered online that week.


  • 1 Free Adult for 1 to 10 Scouts
  • 2 Free Adults for 11 to 20 Scouts
  • 3 Free Adults for 21 to 30 Scouts
  • 4 Free Adults for 31 to 40 Scouts
  • 5 Free Adults for 41 to 50 Scouts
  • 6 Free Adults for 51 or more Scouts

PART-TIME ADULT LEADERS:  Their $30 daily fee is paid at camp only.  They cannot be counted as “Free Adults”.


  • Do not count Scouts attending a High Adventure Trek for your “Free Adult” number.  They are completely separate programs and registrations.
  • Part-time Adult Leaders cannot be Free Adults.  They pay daily fees, and only at camp.  Do NOT register them online, or you will have to pay $150 for each of them, no matter how long they are in camp.

Merit Badge Fees

Some merit badges have additional costs for materials or other considerations. For these, we use a ticket system—each badge requires a certain number of tickets and scouts/leaders buy tickets at the Trading Posts and the Country Store. Our listing of Merit Badges shows you what each badge costs (check these right before you leave for camp—sometimes prices change).

Council Provided Bus Information and Fees

Go to our council website for more information: Council Provided Bus Information and Fees

Provisional Camp

Check out the Provisional Camping Page for more information.


Other Program Fees

There are other programs in camp that may cost money. Troops should take these into consideration when planning out the finances for their week at camp: