Shooting sports affords scouts the unique opportunity to try Archery, Rifle, and Shotgun. The ranges are open for both merit badge and open shooting each day.  Safety is the main priority so the MSR staff is always working to ensure scouts learn how to safely handle a firearm.  Scouts and Adults alike are encouraged to come down to the range to learn how to stay safe on the range and improve their marksmanship.


Ammunition tickets for Rifle & Shotgun must be purchased in the Trading Post. The ranges do not have tokens to buy or money on-site. One (1) token costs $1.00 and will get you 3 shots at Shotgun or 20 shots at Rifle or 2 shots with Black Powder.

Unused tokens:  Unused tokens cannot be turned in for money, or used at our council office’s store.  They also cannot be used to purchase items at our camp trading posts.  So, we highly recommend Scouts buy only what they need each day.  NOTE: You can save and use them for the 2018 shooting sports program (or 2019, if your unit attends every other year).

Archery itself is free to shoot but to take the merit badge, there is a $5.00 program ticket (for the arrow making kit); purchase it in the Camp’s Trading Post.

Merit Badges:

Additional Opportunities:

  • Platinum Pigeon
  • Silver Bullet
  • Golden Arrow


Training: All scouts must have the necessary Firearms Safety Training to participate on any NEIC range. This training is provided at MSR and is good for 2 years after completing the training. Scouts must present their FST cards when entering any of the MSR ranges – No Exceptions.

Eye & Ear Protection: A mandatory requirement of the Boy Scouts of America is that eye and ear protection must be worn by anyone at this area.  The camp will provide this or you may use your own.  For safety reasons, no targets other than those approved by the Range Safety Officer will be allowed.

Commands: The Shooting Sports program is run with safety as its primary consideration. All Scouts will be expected to obey all commands given by the Shooting Sports staff and all range policies.  Shooting Sports activities include: rifle shooting, shotgun shooting, archery, and black powder demonstrations. Any scout or leader who is uncooperative with Shooting Sports staff will be asked to leave the program area.

Practice and Costs: Any Scout taking a Shooting Sports merit badge should be aware that skill practice will be required; Scouts wishing to take Shotgun Shooting should be aware the shooting requirement can be expensive.

No one is allowed to bring their own archery equipment, firearms, or ammunition to camp.  All such items if brought to camp (in violation of this policy) must be left in the care of the Shooting Sports Director.  The items will be returned when the individual leaves camp.

Weather: During inclement weather, the ranges will open at the discretion of the Range Safety Officer of the area. The main concern is the safety of the scouts on the range. Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan has made great strides to improve the ranges to be able to continue to shoot during rainy weather.

Signing In: Please help out Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan by signing into each range when you use it. The attendance numbers and data collected will help improve the facilities and program for Shooting Sports. We can’t do it without you!

Thank you in advance for your help!

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