The Order of the Arrow is a Scout National Honor Society.  Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Lodge #40 conducts Ordeal Call-out ceremonies, Brotherhood ceremonies, and a Vigil ceremony during the summer (see calendar below).  Additional Ordeal recognition ceremonies for weeks 2, 4, and 6 will be held at the closing campfire if desired, but you must contact John Message if you are interested!  NOTE: All Ordeal and Brotherhood candidates participating in Order of the Arrow ceremonies (youth and adult), must have a valid BSA Health Form on file with the camp (see Health and Insurance).

Scouts attending only Weeks 1, 3, or 5, who have been called out for the Order of the Arrow, will have the option of staying overnight Saturday to Sunday at no additional cost; however, Units are responsible for providing adequate leadership (leaders staying behind may need to change campsites and will need to pay Visitor fees).  Scouts unable to stay will be notified of alternate arrangements—usually a fall conclave to be held at one of the Council’s “close in” camps.  Scouts unable to stay are not penalized in any way.

In order to ensure a successful summer program, several key points must be noted:

  1. Only those candidates whose names appear on the official candidate list or on the official copy of the Unit’s Election Result form on file at camp will be called out. Therefore, Units should verify election results prior to campUnits that arrive on the day of the Ordeal callout must bring a letter from the lodge, dated no later than June 16th, authorizing their participation in the callout.  Units that arrive without notice will not be allowed to participate. 
  2. All OA Members should also be registered members of their BSA Council/Unit, so make sure this is true.
  3. For the Ordeal Honor: Induction fees must be paid prior to induction to the Lodge.
  4. Brotherhood Honor: Members must pay the current year’s dues and brotherhood fees before completing the brotherhood honor. They must also pay the required camping and food fees for their extended stay at camp.
  5. Out of Council Troops attending camp are welcome to have candidates called out by Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Lodge #40, but written permission must be obtained from their home council lodge and forwarded to our OA Lodge Advisor by June 16th. Important:  Due to National OA policies, out-of-council troops may not participate in the ordeal itself.
  6. Special Needs of Candidates: Unit Leaders are responsible for notifying the Reservation Director or the Order of the Arrow Summer Advisor at the OA Leaders’ Meeting, of any special needs related to a candidate.  This includes food and medical issues.
  7. Help Needed! All members of the Order of the Arrow are encouraged to assist in the following areas:
  8. Bowl preparation and fire building nightly during Weeks 1, 3, and 5
  9. Service Project Leaders for the Ordeal projects on Saturday
  10. Registration, Parking, Friendship Fires and other assistance on Friday, pre-Induction talks on Saturday after dinner, and other miscellaneous activities.

        Please volunteer and encourage other OA members to help make these programs a success!!!

  1. Visitors: The large ceremonial Arrow Bowl and fire highlight the impressive ceremonies and Native American heritage they honor. All parents and visitors are welcome to attend the callout ceremonies.  They must first check in at the Welcome Center for Visitor bracelets and Parking passes.  All visitors should plan to be in camp no later than 7pm on Friday night— Visitors to the Order of the Arrow callouts will assemble in the Family Camp parking area BY 7:30PM (you will need to park elsewhere, then walk over).  A member of the Order will present a brief history and explanation of the organization.  The group will then be led to the ceremonial bowl in silence.  Visitors should bring a flashlight for the return trip after the ceremony.  Accurate Unit seating is critical to the ceremonies; therefore, visitors will not be allowed to sit with their units.  The road around the lake will be closed to all vehicles for camper safety from approximately 7:30 PM until 30 minutes after the ceremony.  The Order of the Arrow will sell patches, mugs, sashes, and other items on Saturday at the Feed after the Ordeal ceremony.
  2. Bowl Etiquette: Use of flashlights and cameras with flashes is prohibited during the entirety of the ceremony.
  3. No visitors, including members of the Order of the Arrow, will be allowed in the bowl prior to the ceremony. Exceptions will only be made for individuals with special medical needs—those who feel they qualify should report to the Administration Building no later than 6pm Friday night for special directions.

Meals for Visitors & after Unit “Check-out”:  Order of the Arrow weekends traditionally involve a large number of visitors, candidates, Units departing late, and others.  To help us “be prepared”, Units should provide the camp with accurate “Visitor” meal counts at least 1-2 weeks in advance, as well as the number of Unit “after Saturday Morning Check-out” meals needed.  Please tell us how many extra are expected for:  Friday Supper, Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, and/or Supper, and Sunday Breakfast or Lunch.  Guest meals can be purchased at the Welcome Center (Main Office when you first enter camp).  Make sure your Unit’s Visitors know who is paying for these meals before they check in at the Welcome Center.

Order of the Arrow Calendar

The Call-Out Ceremonies of the Order of the Arrow provide a spectacular evening of entertainment as those Scouts selected by their troops are offered induction into this national society of honored campers.  Parents are encouraged to attend the Ordeal Call-Out ceremony.  The Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil Induction Ceremonies are only open to OA Members of the appropriate honor.  Guests will not be allowed to attend these Induction Ceremonies.

Ordeal Callout Ceremonies                                                                       Ordeal Induction Ceremonies

8:45 PM                 July 1                                                                              9:00 PM                 July 2

8:30 PM                 July 15                                                                            9:00 PM                 July 16

8:15 PM                 July 29                                                                            9:00 PM                 July 30

Brotherhood Induction Ceremonies                                                         Vigil Weekend

9:00 PM                 July 1          July 30                                                        July 15-16

9:00 PM                 July 6          August 3

9:00 PM                 July 16        August 10

9:00 PM July 20

Order of the Arrow Elections

If you have questions regarding an Order of the Arrow election or need to schedule a camp promotion visit, please contact Jim Neubaum (OA Staff Advisor) or John Message (Lodge Advisor) – Contact Info on page 3.  ALL ELECTIONS FOR REGISTERED YOUTH AND ADULTS MUST BE COMPLETED BY APRIL 1, 2016.

Order of the Arrow Fees

Ordeal Fees (lodge flap, sash, handbook, Feed, and dues for new members)…………………$50

OA Feed (OA celebration on Saturday evening open to all OA members)…………….……. $07

OA Dues (provides OA* membership for balance of the year for any Lodge member)….…. $15

Brotherhood Fee (sash and Feed)……………………………………………………………..$25