Hour 2 (3:00-3:50 M-Th)


Space is mysterious. We explore space for many reasons, not least because we don’t know is out there, it is vast, and humans are full of curiosity. Each time we send explores into space, we laren something we didn’t know before. We discover a little more of what is there. When you are on a kike, have you ever wondered what lies around the next bend in the trail or beyond the next ridge? If so, then you will understand the thrill of sending spacecraft to a world no human has ever seen. Space Exploration allows Scouts to learn more about what is above them and the different methods that can be used to explore space as well as gives Scouts an opportunity to build their own model rocket.



What to Bring:

Rocket Kit

Requirements:  Click Here

Merit Badge Workbook: Click Here


$15 for a model rocket kit purchased from the Trading Post.

This is a limited enrollment badge with a set class size.