Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan uses a computer database to maintain merit badge records.  Scouts are strongly encouraged to take responsibility for their own records, making sure record sheets are accurately maintained and signed by the counselor on a regular basis.  We also suggest that unit leaders track each scout’s progress on each badge by reviewing these records during and at the end of each session, so that final records can be quickly compared with expectations.

It is strongly recommended that you have a good plan in place for making sure records are accurate BEFORE leaving camp, and for ensuring the safe arrival of records back home.

IMPORTANT: APPROPRIATE ADVANCEMENT FORMS should be used by the unit to report advancement records from camp to their council office.  Our camp database does NOT automatically transfer information from camp to the Scouts’ advancement records.

Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Merit Badge Records HAVE GONE GREEN!  Please bring an external thumb drive to upload your weekly merit badge records.  NO paper records will be given, unless specifically requested during initial sign up for badges.