Block B (9:00-11:00 T/Th)


Pottery can be defined simply as any item that is formed from clay then hardened by heat, and a bit more specifically as the baked-clay wares of the entire ceramic industry. As an art form, pottery is one of the oldest and most widespread in the world. In fact, archaeologists have uncovered pottery objects that have been on Earth almost as long as the human race, which places them among the oldest human-made artifacts ever found. Consider Pottery Merit Badge as an introduction to pottery making, a potter’s tool in its own right to help Scouts understand the process and learn some of the many techniques.



What to Bring:

Ticket from the Trading Post

Requirements:  Click Here

Merit Badge Workbook: Click Here


$10 for a Pottery/Sculpting Ticket purchased from the Trading Post.

This is a limited enrollment badge with a set class size.

Tandem merit badge with Sculpting