Looking around you it is easy to identify many items that come from nature. Your house is likely made from wood. Your juice comes from the fruit of plants. Your clothes are likely from plants or from animals that eat plants. You many have never paid much attention, but plants are very important in your life. Even the largest animals are dependent on plants which are dependent on the soil that houses them. Nature Merit Badge focuses on the role plants and animals have in their ecosystem, and takes a closer look at the food chain and the tree of life. While working on Nature Merit Badge, scouts will learn more about each animal kingdom as well as take observations and conduct conservation projects directed towards each kingdom. Nature Merit Badge is one of the electives for the William T. Hornaday Award.



What to Bring:

Pen and Paper

Requirements:  Click Here

Merit Badge Workbook: Click Here


Scouts must attend one class session during open program and complete the rest of the field work independently. All open merit badge attempts must begin before Friday.