Block A (9:00-11:00 M/W) or Hour 1 (2:00-2:50 M-Th) or Hour 3 (4:00-4:50 M-Th)


Working metal is one of humankind’s oldest skills. When prehistoric people discovered metal in its natural state and then found that they could change its shape by hitting it with a hammer, they became the fist metalsmiths. Over hundreds of years the metalworking trade has evolved through various ages, gaining new techniques, discovering new metals, and expanding the use of metal. Mastering the metalworker’s craft cannot happen overnight. Learning the skills and techniques of a metalworker requires knowledge of the basics and lots of practice. Scouts working on Metalwork Merit Badge begin by learning about the properties of metal, how to use simple metalworking tools, and the basic metalworking techniques. The badge offers four metalworking options: Sheet Metal Mechanic/Tinsmith, Silversmith, Founder, and Blacksmith.



What to Bring:

Metalwork Ticket

Requirements:  Click Here

Merit Badge Workbook: Click Here


$10 for a Metalwork ticket from the Trading Post.

This is a limited enrollment badge with a set class size.