Hour 2 (3:00-3:50 M-Th)


Hiking in the woods during the summer, whether you realize it or not, you will encounter dozens, possibly hundreds, even thousands of tiny insects. Many are so tiny and seem so insignificant that you might dismiss them simply as a nuisance. Insect Study Merit Badge gives scouts a chance to explore a world of unbelievable variety, filled with marvels hard to imagine. While working on the merit badge scouts will learn about the startling changes insects undergo, discover how insects interact with their environment, what insects are helpful to mankind and which ones are harmful or deadly, and what goes into being an Entomologist. Insect Study Merit Badge is an elective for the William T. Hornaday Award.


9. Raise an insect through complete metamorphosis from its larva stage to its adult stage (e.g., raise a butterfly or moth from a caterpillar).

What to Bring:

Pen and Paper

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Merit Badge Workbook: Click Here


*New To Camp 2017*