Hour 1 (2:00-2:50 M-Th)


For thousands of years, in every culture, across every part of the globe, people have played games. Games challenge us to work with or against one another. They give structure to play. Games motivate us to find creative solutions, practice new skills, and spend time with others. Games also come in almost every shape, size, format, and flavor imaginable. Games can be fast-paced, slow, or anything in between. Game design is the process of creating the content and rules of games. Along the way, game designers take on many different roles in order to fully create the game. Game Design Merit Badge aims at exposing Scouts to the behind-the-scenes of creating games and the methodology that comes with it. Scouts will also have the opportunity to create their own game while working on the merit badge.



What to Bring:

Pen and Paper

Requirements:  Click Here

Merit Badge Workbook: Click Here