A Block (9:00-11:00 M/W)


Humans have always depended upon forest for food, fuel, shelter, and many other resources. Forests have been worshipped, feared, bought and sold, protected, destroyed, and restored. Without forests our existence would be far less rich, and we would likely find it difficult to survive at all. Forestry Merit Badge looks at the importance of forests, the different types of trees and their unique features, and conservation efforts to protect and restore forests. While working on Forestry Merit Badge scouts will learn about how to manage a forest, the different habitats that reside in the forests, hazards that threaten forests, and society’s role in proper care and use for forests. Forestry Merit Badge is one of the electives for the William T. Hornaday Award.



What to Bring:

Pen and Paper

Requirements:  Click Here

Merit Badge Workbook: Click Here


Includes a field trip to a lumber yard and industry forest on Wednesday morning. Scouts leave immediately following breakfast and return during lunch or siesta. Interested scouts or adult leaders not taking the badge but going on the field trip should notify the Forestry counselor by 12pm that Tuesday.