Hour 1 (2:00-2:50 M-F)


Energy is essential to heat, cool, and light our homes, schools, offices, and cities. Energy is what moves cars, trucks, buses, planes, trains, and ships. Computers, our bodies, instruments, farms, trees, wind, and the water cycle all require energy. Energy Merit Badge looks at all walks of Energy whether it be in the form of electricity to power your home or calories to give your body the necessary power to function. Scouts will learn about how Energy affects our society, the different ways energy is made usable, and the many ways we can reduce our consumption of Energy. Energy Merit Badge is also an elective for the William T. Hornaday Award.


4. Conduct an energy audit of your home. Keep a 14 day log that records what you and your family did to reduce energy use. Include the following in your report and, after the 14 day period, discuss what you have learned with your counselor.

a. List the types of energy used in your home such as electricity, wood, oil, liquid petroleum, and natural gas, and tell how each is delivered and measured, and the current cost; OR record the transportation fuel used, miles driven, miles per gallon, and trips using your family car or another vehicle.

b. Describe ways you and your family can use energy resources more wisely. In preparing your discussion, consider the energy required for the things you do and use on a daily basis (cooking, showering, using lights, driving, watching TV, using the computer). Explain how you can change your energy use through reuse and recycling.

What to Bring:

Pen and Paper

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Merit Badge Workbook: Click Here