Disabilities_AwarenessDisabilities Awareness Merit Badge

Block D

Pinnacle West

Prerequisites: 2. Visit an agency that works with people with physical, mental, emotional, or educational disabilities. Collect and read information about the agency’s activities. Learn about opportunities its members have for training, employment, and education. Discuss what you have learned with your counselor

5. Visit TWO (You can do one of these at camp. The other must be done outside of camp) of the following locations and take notes about the accessibility to people with disabilities. In your notes, give examples of five things that could be done to improve upon the site and five things about the site that make it friendly to people with disabilities. Discuss your observations with your counselor.

a. Your school
b. Your place of worship
c. Your Scout camping site
d. A public exhibit or attraction (such as a theater, museum, or park)

What to Bring:

Requirements:  Click Here

Notes: This Badge is part of the Pinnacle Program and participants must be at least 13 years of age or Star Rank.