CyclingCycling Merit Badge (Mountain Biking Option)

Blocks A or B (9:00-11:00 M/W or T/Th)

Butler Building (Former Commissary), near the Welcome Center

Prerequisites: 7. Using the BSA buddy system, complete all of the requirements for ONE of the following options: road biking OR mountain biking.

B. Mountain Biking

(d) After fulfilling the previous requirement, lay out on a trail map a 22-mile trip. You may include multiple trail systems, if needed. Stay away from main highways. Using your map, make this ride in six hours.

What to Bring: Closed toed shoes and a water bottle.

Requirements:  Click Here

Notes: This is a limited enrollment badge with a set class size.

UPDATE:  The cycling merit badge itself has no cost, but if your troop wants to schedule a Mountain Bike Trail Ride, there is an additional fee of $10. Sign up is at the Welcome Center only (not the Trading Post).