B Block (9:00-11:00 T/Th)


Birds are among some of the most fascinating creatures on Earth. Some are beautifully colored, others are great singers, and some have heighten awareness of their surroundings. One of the talents that most birds have is the ability to fly, a talent that has made humans envious for thousands of years. In Bird Study Merit Badge scouts will learn about what makes birds unique, from how they live to their intriguing talents as well as learn about conservation efforts to protect habitats for birds. Scouts will also gain a better understanding what goes into being an ornithologist and what their role is as it relates to Bird Study. You certainly do not need to be a profession to earn Bird Study Merit Badge, however it is an ideal badge for any bird enthusiast. Bird Study Merit Badge is also an elective for the William T. Hornaday Award.


While able to be completed at camp, it may be wise to begin Requirement #5 before camp.

5. Observe and be able to identify at least 20 species of wild birds. Prepare a field notebook, making a separate entry for each species, and record the following information from your field observations and other references.  

a. Note the date and time.

b. Note the location and habitat.

c. Describe the bird’s main feeding habitat and list two types of food that the bird is likely to eat.  

d. Note whether the bird is a migrant or a summer, winter, or year-round resident of your area.

What to Bring:

Pen and Paper

Requirements:  Click Here

Merit Badge Workbook: Click Here


In addition to the scheduled class time, participants will need to attend a morning Bird Hike to be scheduled by the counselor during class.