Backpacking Merit Badge

Hour 3 (4:00-4:50 M-Th)


8.  Do the following:
b. Demonstrate that you know how to operate a backpacking stove safely and to handle liquid fuel safely.
c. Prepare at least three meals using a stove and fuel you can carry in a backpack.

9.  Do the following:
a. Write a plan that includes a schedule for a patrol/crew backpacking hike of at least 2 miles.
b. Conduct a prehike inspection of the patrol and its equipment.
c. Show that you know how to properly pack your personal gear and your share of the crew’s gear and food.
d. Show you can properly shoulder your pack and adjust it for proper wear.
e. While using the plan you developed for requirement 9a, carry your fully loaded pack to complete a hike of at least 2 miles.

10. Using Leave No Trace principles, participate in at least three backpacking treks of at least three days each and at least 15 miles each, and using at least two different campsites on each trek. Carry everything you will need throughout the trek.

11.  Do the following:
a. Write a plan for a backpacking trek of at least five days using at least three different campsites and covering at least 30 miles. Your plan must include a description of and route to the trek area, a schedule (including a daily schedule), a list of food and equipment needs, a safety and emergency plan, and a budget.
b. Using Leave No Trace principles, take the trek planned and, while on the trek, complete at least one service project approved by your merit badge counselor.
c. Keep a daily journal during the trek that includes a day-by-day description of you activities, including notes about what worked well and thoughts about improvements that could be made for the next trek.

What to Bring:

Requirements:  Click Here

Scouts going on High Adventure trips may work on this badge with their guides.
This badge is ideal for scouts preparing for a backpacking trip.  You will need backpacking experience outside of camp to complete this badge.

This badge is taught together with Hiking.