Lake Superior Sailing:  Crew a skippered sailing yacht through the protected waters around the Apostle Islands. Crystal clear water as much as 100 feet deep carries you between the 22 islands that make up this National Lakeshore often called the “Caribbean of the North”. Your route can take you to remote sandy beaches or along rugged shorelines littered with caves & sandstone bluffs. We encourage you to explore the islands, visit a historic lighthouse, and attend an interpretive program put on by the park rangers.  Accommodations provided on board are overnight cabins, heads, and cooking facilities. You’re never more than two miles from shore, and each craft is motorized so you can seek a safe harbor in case of inclement weather.  Group size is 6 per boat (share 3 rooms): 4 Scouts and 2 Adult Leaders. Your unit must provide 2-deep Adult Leadership. There is a captain on each boat (with his own quarters), but he/she cannot count as 1 of your required adult leaders, and we do not send camp staff.

Additional Requirement for Sailing and Kayaking (no exceptions): The troop must provide at least one adult leader with current Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and CPR certifications.  This is a national policy for High Adventure treks.  For all other treks, Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan SR provides guides with necessary qualifications.


  1. A $1,000 non-refundable deposit is due for each six-person sailboat, at the time of registration.
  2. All sailing treks are 4-days, only.
  3. There is no “per-person” fee, so refunds will NOT be given for individuals who cancel.
  4. Each 39-foot sailboat fee is $4,500
  5. Your unit must provide 2 Adult Leaders for each sailboat (the captain we hire doesn’t count).  We do NOT send trek staff on sailing or kayaking treks.


2018 FEES

   $4,500 for each 6-man 39 foot sailboat. The cost for 6 participants is $750 each.
  $1,000 Non-refundable deposit must be paid for each sailboat at the time of registration, and is due by April 2, 2018 (11:59 PM).
$3,500 Balance (per sailboat) Due by June 1, 2018 (11:59 PM)

When registering, choose the week of your trek first, then Lake Superior Boat, then its name with the type: Lake Superior Scout, Lake Superior Adult.  IMPORTANT: You are required to have at least 2 youth and 2 adults on each boat, so be prepared to provide (at least) those names by the April 2 deposit deadline.

2018 Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Summer Camp Dates

Week 1: June 24-30
Week 2: July 1-7
Week 3: July 8-14
Week 4: July 15-21
Week 5: July 22-28
Week 6: July 29-Aug 4 STILL AVAILABLE

Note: You will spend Sunday night at camp and depart for the harbor on Monday.

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