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Explore the Northwoods with our Nationally Accredited Trek Camp.

2015 MSR High Adventure Trek Locations

CLICK HERE to go to 2015 MSR High Adventure Trek Registrations page.  NOTE:  If you went on a trek in 2014, you will notice the registration process is set up differently for 2015.  We hope it is more “user friendly”.

Needs/Wants List for Trek Camp


High Adventure Director
Barrett Wood

Reservation Director
Jim Neubaum

Camping & Program Assistant 
Debi Geiger

Contact Debi if your unit has a different person as the trek coordinator.  The registration link will be at, and will open on January 1, 2015.  See below for each trek’s deposit (w/due dates) + balance = Total Fees.

REMEMBER:  High Adventure Trek registrations, fees, and payments are NOT in any way part of those for the weekly Traditional Camp.  Please keep all names, numbers, fees/payments separate.  Adults receive the same trek program as scouts, so there are no adult discounts.


November 7, 2014: The individual “trek” links below will be updated with 2015 data as soon as possible.

2015 MSR High Adventure Treks – Deposits Due February 15, 2015

2015 MSR High Adventure Treks – Deposits Due March 15, 2015

All Trek Balances are due BY May 18th, 2015




Use the MyKaJaWan form to let us know about your interest in any or all of these three “In-camp High Adventures” (form will be available in 2015)

Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan High Adventure Base offers nine different adventures for your troop or crew.  Whether you are interested in taking in the vistas on foot at one of our four backpacking destinations, paddling through the cool water on our kayaking or canoe treks, or relaxing on sailboats in Lake Superior, there is sure to be a trek for that!

(IMPORTANT: Lake Superior Sailing is one trek on the online registration page, but the number of days chosen for each scout & adult decides the total amount due).

Trek Requirements for Your Unit

Age Requirements:  The minimum age for treks is 13 years old, unless noted (could be 14 years old).  Recommended rank of at least First Class for camping experience and basic skills.

Medical Requirements:  Each participant must present a BSA Annual Health form (valid through last day of trek).  Parts A, B, & C must be filled out/approved by a physician.  Please have your physician use the “National High Adventure Base” details listed in Part D that are most closely related to your trek.

Adult Leadership Requirement:   Each unit must provide at least one adult leader per trek.  Certain treks may require the splitting of the group for overnight camping, so they will require at least 2 leaders for each sub-group.  The Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Trek Leader can act as the 2nd adult leader to meet this BSA “2 deep leadership” requirement, but only if needed.  If you have any questions, contact the High AdventureTrek Coordinator or Volunteer Advisor.

General Information

Provided:  Equipment, food, and pre-trek skill training and gear shakedown at camp

Transportation:  Participant transportation from the starting/ending point is the unit’s responsibility.  Local transportation arrangements are subject to availability.  The cost will be based on the destination and number of riders.  It will be calculated on an individual basis.  Expect it to be $30-$70 per person.

Backcountry Trek Leaders: We send a staff trek leader on each trek, excluding sailing and kayaking treks. The trek leader can count as 1 adult for a trek.

If you are new to the program or trekking please contact the High Adventure Director prior to registration to ensure that you choose the best trek for your unit!

NOTE:  A large portion of our Trek gear was recently updated to better serve your group’s equipment needs
NOTE: If you are interested in partaking in a High Adventure Trek but your unit is not able or not interested this year, let the Coordinator know  AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, or speak with other units about setting up a provisional trek with them (you must still abide by all deadlines).
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