Traditional Camping at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation

Coordinating payments and finances for a trip to summer camp can be a challenging job, but the Northeast Illinois Council and Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Camp Staff strive to make it as easy and painless as possible for everyone. Here’s what you need to know:

For Scouts, Parents, and Unit Leaders

  • Troops and Crews should have a summer camp coordinator for Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan.  Unit deadlines should be at least 2 weeks earlier than the “council” deadlines listed. Contact your Scoutmaster or Crew Adviser for your coordinator’s information and unit deadlines.
  • Families must submit all payments to their Scout’s Unit, who will settle up with us. Exceptions:  Venturing Quest Participants and Provisional Scouts who are attending with our Camp Unit can complete their own registrations.  They do not need to be registered by a camp coordinator.
  • The Unit’s “camp contact” will complete the online registration for their week (or weeks) of Traditional Camp.

Registration Fees

  • Scout Early Discount Fee*: $335 – Applies to scouts who are registered AND have their full payment applied online by May 1, 2019.
  • Scout Regular Fee*: $360 – Applies to scouts who are registered AND have their full payment applied online starting May 2 and by dates below.
  • Full-time Adult Leader Early Discount Fee**: $190 – This fee applies to adult leaders who are registered AND have their full payment applied online by May 1, 2019.
  • Full-time Adult Leader Regular Fee*: $220 – This is a NEW fee and applies to adult leaders who are registered AND have their full payment applied online starting May 2 and by dates below.
  • Part-time Leaders*** (fee increase): $40 per night – This fee is only paid at the main camp office when leaders check in, since the schedule of these adults often changes.

*NEW FEES FOR 2019 – these prices were updated on November 19th, 2018 to reflect changes in meal quality and program material improvements. We are proud to continue our commitment to healthier options for our dining halls and trading posts in 2019 and are now a PennState: PRO Wellness Certified Camp.

**NEW FEE STRUCTURE FOR FULL-TIME ADULTS:  This is the first year we’ve had an early discount fee for full-time adults.  This is to encourage early commitment from your adult leaders, which will make your job easier since you’ll know well in advance that you have enough “adult coverage” for the number of attending scouts.

***PART-TIME LEADER FEES:  Not only has it been many years since we increased this fee, we made it more per night than full-time leaders.  We hope this will encourage “full-week” leader commitments because they make for a smoother running week at camp for scouts (and leaders).  They pay their daily fees at camp only.  Do NOT register them online, or you will have to pay the full-week fee for each of them, no matter how long they are in camp.  Also, Part-time Adults cannot be “free” adults.

Full-time Adult Leader/Scout Ratio for Free Adults
1 Free Adult for 1 to 10 Scouts            4 Free Adults for 31 to 40 Scouts
2 Free Adults for 11 to 20 Scouts         5 Free Adults for 41 to 50 Scouts
3 Free Adults for 21 to 30 Scouts         6 Free Adults for 51 or more Scouts

These discounts will automatically be applied online, as you register your scouts and adults.

  • Do not tell your families to register their scouts or adults themselves for Traditional Camp, or they will not be counted in this scout/adult ratio.
  • If you plan to host a (provisional) scout for the week, register him or her with your unit so they can be counted in the scout/adult ratio.
  • If you add on a scout later who will give you an additional free full-time leader, the scout’s balance due will be adjusted accordingly.
  • If a scout’s cancellation removes a free adult discount, those fee adjustments will also be made.

Registration Closes and Final Payment Deadlines

Date Deadlines
June 3-Week 1                                      June 24-Week 4
June 10-Week 2,Venturing Quest         July 1-Week 5
June 17-Week 3                                    July 8-Week 6

“Time” Deadlines

  • If registering/paying online, it must be done by 11:59 PM on the early discount and final deadline dates.
  • Any payments mailed or brought to the council office must be processed AND applied online by 4:30 PM on the early discount and final deadline dates.

IMPORTANT: The scout store staff only “receipts” payments. They do NOT apply them online.

Merit Badge Fees

Some merit badges have additional costs for materials or other considerations. For these, we use a ticket system—each badge requires a certain number of tickets and scouts/leaders buy tickets at the Trading Posts and the Country Store. Our listing of Merit Badges shows you what each badge costs (check these right before you leave for camp—sometimes prices change).

Council Provided Bus

AVAILABILITY:  Council buses will be offered during Weeks 3, 5, and 6 only.  If your unit attends Week 1, 2, or 4 and you are interested in chartering a bus, contact the NEIC Program Director at for information.

ADDITIONAL BUS STOP?  We are thinking of adding a bus arrival and departure location at Gurnee Mills Mall.  Let Quinn Ryan know if your unit would be interested, during any of the weeks of camp!


  • $50 one-way or $100 round-trip if registered and paid online by May 1.
  • $55 one-way or $110 round-trip from May 2 to your week’s registration closes date.

ADULT SUPERVISION ON BUSES:  We will provide adult supervision for each bus to and from camp, so all Scouts and Adults who ride the bus pay the same fees.  Contact our Program Director at or 847-748-9154, if you have an adult who is interested in supervising and would be a great asset to our team.

More details will be in the 2019 MSR Leader Guide (available soon!)


The Northeast Illinois Council has been blessed with many Scouters, volunteers, and families who understand and appreciate the summer camp programs offered at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation.

These wonderful people know that we live in a time when finances can be greatly stretched, and it can be difficult to pay the summer camp fees (especially for families with more than one Scout). And they are aware that sudden financial hardships occur that could prohibit a Scout from attending one of these programs.  Thanks to them, we can offer financial assistance to these families.

Please forward this link to all your scouting families – even if they haven’t signed up for camp yet or asked about financial assistance.  Knowing such assistance is available might help us all get their scouts to camp.

Link: 2019 Cub Scout and Boy Scout Scholarship Application

Contact if you have any questions.

Provisional Camp

Check out the Provisional Camping Page for more information.  Buses are part of the registration for Weeks 3, 5, and 6.  Contact Debi if you have any questions.

Other Program Fees

There are other programs in camp that may cost money. Troops should take these into consideration when planning out the finances for their week at camp: