Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation is proud to be a Nationally Accredited High Adventure Base. We are offering wonderful adventures in 2017 for your troop or crew.  Whether you are interested in taking in the vistas on foot at one of our four backpacking destinations, paddling through the cool water on our kayaking or canoe treks, or relaxing on sailboats in Lake Superior, there is sure to be a trek for you!  We even added a cycling trek, so you can traverse the beautiful countryside of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula!  If you don’t see a trek that you like, contact the camp staff about a custom itinerary.


Participant Transportation is the Unit’s Responsibility:  We may be able to make local arrangements for participant transportation, but it is subject to availability.

  • If this would be your unit’s first trek, please email our trek staff prior to registration to ensure that you choose the best trek for your unit!
  • If you have questions about the treks being offered, trek policies, length of treks, etc., contact the trek staff.
  • You can also contact Quinn Ryan, our Council Program Director.
  • Pre-approval from the council and trek staff must be received to add participants or begin a registration, after the deadlines.  If approved, you will be contacted with further instructions.  NOTE:  Full payment (instead of deposits only) may also be required.

Deadlines for Each Trek

You must complete the registration and pay the $125 per participant deposits for each trek by the following dates (11:59 pm):

  • February 19, 2018 for Apostle Island, Boundary Waters, Isle Royale, and Pictured Rocks
  • April 2, 2018 for Lake Superior Sailing
  • May 1, 2018 for Flambeau River/Flowage, Ice Age Trail, Manitowish River, Porcupine Mt. Wilderness, and WI River Headwaters

Any additions after these dates will need to be approved by the trek and council staff, if they increase the number of campsites or water craft needed for the trek.  Also, starting the day after the above deadlines, the full amount will be charged instead of just the deposit.  Final payment of all trek fees is by June 1, 2018 (11:59 pm, if paid online).


We encourage constant and complete communication with camp staff and the council office about your expectations and needs. Please do not hesitate to call or email us with any concerns that you have. Our experienced High Adventure Staff can assist you with trip planning, skill development, what to bring, and how to get your unit ready for the next step in outdoor adventure. Don’t miss these incredible opportunities!

Wabaningo Camp Director (includes High Adventure treks)

Reservation Director (for trek availability, requirements, capacities, etc.)
Quinn Ryan

Council Program Assistant (for online registration and payment questions)
Debi Geiger


  • ALL MaKaJaWan participants must be registered members of the BSA.
  • Age Requirements:   Prior to the start of their high adventure trek, Youth must be 13 years old, OR a 12-year old who has completed the 7th grade.
  • Pictured Rocks and Apostle Island Trek Age Requirements:  Youth must be 14 years old, OR a 13-year old who has completed the 8th grade).  No exceptions.
  • Medical Requirements:  Each participant must present a BSA Annual Health form (valid through the last day of trek).  Parts A, B, & C must be filled out and/or approved by your physician (they must sign & date it for the date of the physical).  Please have the physician use the National High Adventure Base details most closely related to your trek.
  • Adult Supervision for Backpacking and Canoeing Treks: Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation provides an Adult Guide who can count as one of the “minimum 2 adults”, as required by Youth Protection policy. We still highly recommend sending at least 2 adults from your Unit. Certain treks may require the splitting of the group (for overnight camping, etc.), so there must be at least 2 Adults for each sub-group.
  • Trek Guides are NOT Sent on Sailing and Kayaking Treks. Units must provide enough adults per boat or kayak group.
  • Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and CPR certifications must be current for at least one of the Adult Leaders participating in any high adventure trek, as per BSA national policy.  Since MaKaJaWan does not provide a trek guide for sailing or kayaking treks, at least one of your troop or crew’s adult leaders on the trek must be certified.  For all other treks, MaKaJaWan provides guides with these (and all other necessary) qualifications.
  • See your trek choice for its specific requirements.

Troop preparation

In order to make the most of your High Adventure trek, you should work as a troop or crew

  • Physical Fitness: Most, but not all, of our treks require long days of hiking or paddling.  Scouts and Venturers who arrive fit and accustomed to full days on the trail will be better able to enjoy their treks. Training hikes and day trips make good troop or patrol programs.
  • Crew Cohesion: Schedule meetings for just those people going on the trek.  Work together on planning the trip.  Work to build a team spirit before departing for the trek.  Crew training trips (hikes, day paddles, etc.) are excellent ways to improve fitness and cohesion.
  • Route Planning: Even if you don’t know what route you plan to take, we recommend you familiarize yourself with maps of your trek.  Encourage scouts to work on their map-and-compass skills.
  • Familiarity with Equipment: Whenever possible, try to use any clothing or gear at least once before taking it on a trek.  Break in new boots, test out new packs, practice setting up tents.  The more comfortable you are with the equipment, the easier it will be on the trek.

Do you know which trek you want to do, but aren’t sure how to register?  Contact Debi.  She can help you create a Trek “online contingent”, explain how to add your Scout and Adult names, and what the payment options and requirements are.