The Health Lodge contact information for 2015 will be updated as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience.

For the protection of the staff and campers, MaKaJaWan maintains a central Health Lodge.  In the event of a health emergency in camp, medical services will be provided in the campsite or at the Health Lodge by an individual qualified in first aid.  If the medical staff determines that the situation requires a higher level of medical care, patients will be transferred to a hospital or clinic for treatment.  Parents will be notified immediately of any serious health situations.  Unit leaders should not remove anyone from the reservation for medical care without consulting/informing Health Lodge personnel.

Please remember: MaKaJaWan Scout Reservation is not responsible for Scouts or adults arriving at camp with any pre‑ existing illness or injuries.

Prescription Medication Distribution

The State of Wisconsin and the Boy Scouts of America require all medications brought to camp by campers (under 18) to be secured and locked in the camp health lodge. Medication will be distributed at specific times in each camp.  Meal-time and Evening medication times will be announced at camp.  Medication for West Camp scouts will be distributed from the Dining Hall; East Camp scouts should report to the Quartermaster for medication distribution. Adult Leaders are responsible for ensuring scouts in their unit take their medications regularly at the appropriate time! Each troop is strongly encouraged to have a leader designated for this responsibility.

Important: The medication must be in the ORIGINAL prescription bottle and include the following information:

  1. Camper’s Name
  2. Name of prescribing physician
  3. Prescription number
  4. Date prescribed
  5. Name of medication
  6. Directions for use

Prescription medication information is required for each type of medication to be taken at camp.  PART-A of the BSA Medical Form includes a “PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION” section.  When using the OPTIONAL Prescription Medication Form, provide all the required information, including signatures of the parent and the prescribing physician.  An Excel Spreadsheet will also be made available by the MaKaJaWan Health Officer.  This is in addition to the required paper form, but is very helpful for the units and staff alike (check-in of medication is much faster).  Contact information provided soon!

Here is a copy of the Troop Medication Log Template

Please Note: All prescription medications at camp are to be kept under lock and key and distributed only under the supervision of a qualified health officer.

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